The Best Skin Care Tips You Can Learn from Kpop Stars and Idols

Nudie Glow
4 min readJun 18, 2018

We all get our fair share of skin problems, but imagine how stressful it must be for Kpop stars and idols who are expected to look flawless 24/7? It’s easy to think that these celebrities have struck the genetic lottery when we look at their perfect complexion, but many of them actually have their own unique set of skin care tips and habits that they attribute their good skin to.

If you have ever wondered how your favorite K-pop stars keep their skin looking flawless, here we have compiled some of the best skin care tips you can easily follow from the biggest K-pop stars and idols:

1. Bae Suzy

K-pop idol and actress Bae Suzy owes her glowing skin to what she dubs as the “424” method, which entails 4 minutes of rubbing a cleansing oil over her face to remove makeup, followed by 2 minutes with a foaming cleanser and a final 4 minutes cleansing everything off with water. Also known as double cleansing, this method ensures you’ve truly removed all traces of makeup and dirt that have accumulated over the day to reduce the chances of breakouts, and help you get one step closer to flawless skin!

2. Ha Ji Won

For actress Ha Ji-won, nothing is more important that moisturising. She values it above all other skincare tips, and ensures her skin does not stay dry for more than 3 seconds! After washing her face, she immediately applies the J.One Jelly Pack to restore moisture lost during cleansing. She is so strict about this that she also recommends always having a facial mist within reach if you are away from your skincare products!

3. Daesung

Daesung of Big Bang is known for his particular cleansing technique, that even G-Dragon has mentioned learning from. Daesung said that he always starts his cleansing routine by scrubbing his hands for at least a few minutes before touching his face to ensure that no unnecessary bacteria or grime transfers to the skin. He also massages his skin during cleansing in the opposite direction of its texture or against the grain of the hair’s growth to gently lift the fuzz and make it easier to thoroughly cleanse the pores! He also recommends cleansing your face with soft flowing water, and not spraying water directly to your face while showering. Or, as Daesung puts it, “Act like you’re filming a shower scene in a movie.”

4. Jessica Jung

Jessica achieves her pore-less, perfect skin by “heating” up her skincare products after application to encourage absorption. All you have to do is rub your palms together to generate a little heat, and hold over your face without touching your skin. How this works is that your body heat makes your skin more receptive and responsive to beauty products. Another habit we can all learn from Jessica is wearing a broad-spectrum sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher, even when you’re stepping out just for a moment!

5. BTS

No matter where BTS is, or how busy their schedules are, their skin is always smooth and glowing. BTS’s J-Hope states that taking good care of your skin is the №1 rule for all celebs, so at night, his skin care routine includes a toner, essence, acne care, lotion and cream. Because BTS travel a lot, V (Kim Tae Hyung) recommends dampening some cotton pads with toner, and double moisturising to avoid losing too much moisture while you’re in flight. Jin also frequently sheet mask, especially when his skin is dry and exposed to too much sun, to help him brighten and make up for lost moisture.

Of course, other than these skin care, K-pop stars and idols also maintain a very strict diet and lifestyle to keep their figure and skin in check. Let us know which skincare tips of these K-pop stars you want to try!