What is A-Beauty? Is it the New K-Beauty?

Nudie Glow
6 min readNov 4, 2021

Nudie Glow has been Australia’s leading online destination for Korean beauty and skincare, and we’re so excited to introduce a new chapter to our story: A-Beauty!

Just like how we fell in love with K-beauty, their multi-step routines and innovative, life-changing skin care formulas, we’re also about to fall head over heels for the latest beauty destination that is a little more closer to home — Australian beauty! We Aussies are known for our more relaxed, “no worries” attitude towards life, and this philosophy also applies to our homegrown beauty products.


The simple answer: Beauty products that are from Australia.

The long answer: Beauty products that reflects us Aussies’ unique approach to beauty and life in general: laid-back, low-maintenance, with an affinity for the natural. Unlike K-beauty which puts emphasis on multi-step routines, A-beauty embraces the concept of multi-tasking, and a “less is more” mantra.

On top of that, A-beauty products are often natural, utilising ingredients that might just be growing right in our own backyards! Australia’s dry climate and rough landscapes may seem like tough conditions to grow great ingredients, but it’s these harsh Aussie elements that has produced some of the most resilient plants which work wonders on your skin. Their high levels of antioxidants are part of the reason they’re able to survive, and when applied to our skin, these antioxidant-rich natives can help protect the skin from environmental aggressors and strengthen skin barrier. Think: Kakadu plum, Quandong and Desert Lime!


Definitely not! As Korea continues to innovate and come out with new beauty products, we will continue to curate and bring the best of K-beauty to Nudie Glow! After all, we will always have a special place in our hearts for snail mucin products and the highly indulgent 10-step routine.

A-Beauty, much like K-Beauty, is just one of the many ways you can approach your beauty ritual. In the end, it all comes down to your own preference, lifestyle, and what works best on your unique skin!


Australia is home to some of the best beauty labels in the world. Here are some of our favourites:

1. BIOLOGI: Biologi is one of the only brands in the world that offer plant-to-bottle skin care, with a focus on using single, highly-concentrated Australian natives that are sourced locally, ethically and sustainably. Their formulas also undiluted, free from fragrance and contain zero synthetics.

If you’re a fan of Vitamin C products, check out Biologi’s Bk Rejuvenation Serum, which features Kakadu Plum, the world’s richest natural source of Vitamin C to give you 100% active, natural and stable vitamin C like no one else.

2. The Jojoba Company: The Jojoba Company uses Wadi-Wadi Jojoba, which is grown on the family farm in south-western New South Wales, to create their signature line of skin care. The incredible healing properties of this ancient super-ingredient is safe for all skin concerns, all ages — even babies.

3. Grown Alchemist: Chic and recyclable packaging, organic natural ingredients that stimulate biological functions and a cruelty-free ethos — Grown Alchemist ticks all the important boxes. Through the understanding of cellular renewal and nutrient metabolisation, Grown Alchemist’s products are all about influencing the way the body repairs and regenerates the skin.

Fun fact: Designer Alexander Wang had his models adhere to a Grown Alchemist skincare regimen to make sure their skin was glowy during runways!

4. Hunter Lab: With a vision of gender-inclusivity and natural ingredients, Hunter Lab is embraced globally as a leader in innovative skincare, uniting technology, nature, and design. Utilising nature’s most potent ingredients — from Macrobiotic Sea Minerals from the Whitsundays to Antarcticine, a glycoprotein isolated from the base of an Antarctic glacier — all Hunter Lab products are innovatively crafted in Melbourne.

5. Peggy Sue: Based on the South Coast of New South Wales, Australia, Peggy Sue’s goal is to help you slow things down with meaningful moments of self-care. Their beautiful range of natural products will help welcome you into the day, and help you clock off at night.

Check out their Silk Lip Kit, which contains a Lip Exfoliant and Lip Conditioner to naturally maintain plump, healthy lips that are silky smooth to the touch!

6. The Kind Sunscreen: Made with just 9 ingredients, The Kind Sunscreen is a clean, hard-working addition to any skincare routine. Their all-natural zinc formula creates a moisture-locking barrier to reflect rays and help prevent sun damage and skin cancer.

7. Ere Perez: Ere Perez is natural skin care and makeup made from powerful botanical ingredients for clean, conscious living. Their formulas feature unique superfood ingredients like oat milk foundation and carrot cream blush selected for their performance and skin-revitalising properties.

8. Al.ive Body: This Australian-made hand & body range combines product purity with designer aesthetics to stimulate your senses & shape your surroundings. Harnessing the power of essential oils and native botanical extracts, the naturally-derived al.ive body® range is 100% palm-oil free, vegan and never tested on animals!

9. La Mav: LAMAV is Australia’s first Certified Organic Skincare and self-care brand to incorporate scientifically-proven bio-actives that deliver real, visible results on a cellular level. Now elevated by incorporating Ayurvedic and Australian botanical ingredients — LAMAV is transforming what is possible with skincare.

10. Who is Elijah: Who is elijah is an independently-owned fragrance house, established in 2018 and built on cruelty free, gender fluid foundations and hand-filled in Sydney.

11. Bondi Sands: An Australian tan in a bottle! Inspired by Australia’s most well-known beach, Bondi Sands’ salon quality formulas work to give you an even, naturally golden tan that hydrates and nourishes your skin with skin-loving ingredients like shea butter and aloe.

With this, we officially welcome A-Beauty to the Nudie Glow family! By expanding our brands and product range, and introducing more of Australia’s less-is-more approach to beauty regimens, we hope to continue empowering you to feel more confident in your own (nudie) skin!